Health Management and Social Care Online Expo 2023


Innovations and Field Learning in Health and Social Care

Showcase students’ achievement in HMSC field learning as well as to facilitate schools in planning and implementation of field learning.

It consists of three parts : Exhibition, Talk and Outstanding Student Award.

C. Talk (Workshops Introduction)





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Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Ageing Well   with Youth Intergenerational Programme

The programme aims to enhance the mental well-being of youth and the elderly through intergenerational support. It serves to raise mental awareness and mental health literacy for The Youth Ambassadors, and to equip them with practical knowledge through the training in providing emotional support and constructive ways to cope with emotional difficulties. 

  1. i) Youth Ambassadors Training

Six training workshops with a specific topic discussed in each session.  Topics include understanding emotions; stress management; mental disorders; suicide and self-harming actions; active listening skills and understanding of the emotional needs of elderly-at-risk. 

  1. ii) Intergenerational Workshop

Youth Ambassadors would implement a further four workshops, aiming to bring in positive and youthful energy from these youngsters through sharing, caring and enjoyable recreation activities for the elderly.

iii) Graduation Day

Youth Ambassadors would execute the final “Graduation Day” to spread the messages of Suicide Prevention and Mental Well-being to their fellow schoolmates, teachers and parents.

The Samaritans

School-based Mental Health Enhancement Programme

The programme aims to engage all stakeholders in the campus to join hands to achieve suicide prevention of the youths and betterment of mental well-being of them. It serves to increase awareness and acceptance of the importance of mental well-being and suicide prevention, and build strong peer-support and empowering youngsters to alleviate mental distress in their peers.

  1. i) Youth Ambassador Training

Six training workshops including stress management; emotions and mental disorders; suicide and self-harming actions, active listening skills. To equip students with practical knowledge on provision of mental support to their peers and coping with emotional difficulties.

  1. ii) Mental Well-being Education for Teachers and Parents

Enhance their mental well-being knowledge on topics including emotions, mental disorders, stress, enabling them to provide emotional support to prevent youth suicide.

iii) School-based Consultation on Demand

Advices are tailored according to needs of individual schools with regards to students’ self-harm behaviours and suicidal thoughts.

The Samaritans

Caritas HUGS Center-Addiction and Rehabilitation Service in Hong Kong

Introduce local drug rehabilitation services and highlight how the center supports service users through community support, innovative technology, and medical-social collaboration. Additionally, showcase the opportunities for students to engage in field learning and collaborations that could be done with teachers

Caritas HUGS Center

Ms. Lau Ka Ling
Ms. Chan Yee Hin

Know More to Prevent and Reduce Domestic Violence


Enhancement on the awareness of the family violence



Don’t Ignore the family violence, be brave to seek help


Take appropriate actions to response to family violence

End of violence

Stop the violence by compassionate communication


Target: S4-S6 students


Within Lessons

  • Talk on preventing of domestic violence /dating violence
  • A4 folder design competition for promotion of family harmony

After class

  • Exhibitions on prevention of domestic violence
  • Family Fun Day for promotion of family


  • Centre visit / assist in promotional events in the community or services

Harmony House Limited

Susanna Lam

Inter-Generational Engagement in Secondary Schools

This program provides a platform to connect young people in secondary school and universities to connect with older people via training and co-creation activities. Secondary school students are invited to participate in intergenerational activities co-designed by older people and university students. We aim to broaden the horizons of students and facilitate participants from different generations learn from each other, thus enhancing mutual understanding and respect among people of different ages. This program also facilitates school teachers to adopt and embed intergenerational interactions as a strategy to enhance student learning in various school subjects.

Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University

Ms.  Olivia C. Lian

TEENS Teeth Award Scheme (2023-24)

Oral Health Education Division (OHED) conducts training courses to equip students to become “Peer Leaders” with leadership skills.

All courses are taught online and completed by students themselves. After completing the course, Peer Leaders can lead other students to promote oral health in the school.


Target: All secondary school students and mainly conducted in Cantonese

Oral Health Education Division Department of Health

Dr Chau Man Him Alex

Health-in-Mind (“HIM”) Programme

Health-in-Mind (“HIM”) Programme aims to empower secondary-level students as mental health advocates to promote mental health to fellow students, their families, and the public at large through interactive activities and experiential personal development training.

Kwai Chung Hospital

Mr Kester Tang

Public Health Buddies Project

Public Health Buddies Project engages CUHK students who have health promotion knowledge and skill to become the mentor of local secondary school students who are studying Health Management and Social Care to prepare for their field study in HKDSE

Each school will be coached by 2 mentors and meet usually 1 every week or fortnight at participants’ school or CUHK.


Duration: Early September each year to the beginning of next year


Enrollment: complete the online registration form and offering informed by email about 2 weeks after application deadline

JC School of Public Health and Primary Care, CUHK

Dr. Tony Yung