Health Management and Social Care Online Expo 2023


Innovations and Field Learning in Health and Social Care

Showcase students’ achievement in HMSC field learning as well as to facilitate schools in planning and implementation of field learning.

It consists of three parts : Exhibition, Talk and Outstanding Student Award.

D. Outstanding Student Award

Details of Outstanding Student Award are as follows :

Aim :

To enhance students’ reflective thinking in field learning / experiential learning

Target Applicants :

Each school can nominate at most three S3 – S5 students to participate

Content :

  • Themes of the reflection – My Field Learning / Innovations in Health and Social Care
  • Each nominated student should submit a reflection in not more than 1 000 words (either in Chinese or English) at or before 6 p.m. on 24 March 2023. Late submission or the content after the 1000th word will NOT be read.
  • The shortlisted students will be invited to attend an interview in the afternoon on 6 May 2023 and give a 5-minute presentation to the Judging Panel about the learning outcomes and reflection, followed by a brief discussion on the reflection with the judges.

Rules of The Award :

  • The work must be original and should not be published or entered any competition before.
  • Participants need to guarantee that the submitted work does not involve plagiarism or infringe any copyright.
  • The Award results are determined by Independent Judging Panel. Participants shall not object to the results and awards determined.
  • All entries submitted will not be returned.

Submission Deadline :

24 March 2023

Timeline :



24 March 2023 (Friday)

Deadline of nomination and submission of student reflection

7 April 2023 (Friday)

Notification of shortlisted candidates

6 May 2023 (Saturday) (PM)

Interview, Announcement of results and Award presentation ceremony

Awards :

The Outstanding Student Award includes:

  • Gold Award
  • Silver Award 
  • Bronze Award 
  • Certificate of appreciation

The winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze Award will be invited to join a team(s) of healthcare professionals / Non-governmental Organisation projects to experience and participate in health and social care work in authentic workplace settings

Judging Panel :

Representatives from the related disciplines in universities and experienced professionals of the related sectors
Judging Criteria :



1. Clearly present the reflection that matches with the authentic learning experience


2. Demonstrate the ability to apply related theories, concepts, ideas and terminology


3. Support views with appropriate data collected from a range of sources


4. Explore and/or examine own beliefs, assumptions, values and feelings on the experience


5. Suggest sound and feasible proposals for improvement


6. Presentation skills such as presentation of data and suggestions