Health Management and Social Care Online Expo 2021

Innovations and Experiential Learning in Health and Social Care

Important Note:
In view of the epidemic situation, the arrangements of HMSC Field Learning Expo have been
changed. For enquiries, please email to Ms Josephine WU ( or Mr
Sean LIU (

Showcase students’ achievement in HMSC field learning as well as to facilitate schools in planning and implementation of field learning.

It consists of four parts : Exhibition, Innovative Solutions, Seminars/Workshops and Outstanding
Student Award

B. Innovative Solutions :

Aim :
To showcase students’ achievements in designing Innovative solutions in the areas of health and social care

Applicants :

Each secondary school can nominate at most three teams of students (1-4 for each team) to participate.

Content :

  • Relevant theme(s), for example, assessing the risks for injury prevention in different settings, such as workplace, Aged Homes / prevention of elderly fall / prevention of sports injuries

* Including different types e.g. annotated sketches / prototypes / computer 3D models/ webpage / mobile apps / services / activities / proposal

* The shortlisted teams will be invited to give an oral presentation (3 minutes) of their exhibits in the afternoon via online mode on 15 January 2021. School representatives of winning teams will be invited to collect their awards and take photos on 22 January 2021 (Friday).

Criteria for Selection of Exhibits / Outstanding
  • Creativity – the ideas / solutions are innovative. Please note plagiarism is not allowed
  • Effectiveness – the expected outcomes can be achieved e.g. risks or injuries could be reduced significantly / no other risks or injuries would be incurred


  • Feasibility – the ideas / solutions are practical and can be realised efficiently with limited time and cost

Selection Panel :

Representatives from the professional bodies including The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education, Department of Health, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Occupational Safety and Health Council will be responsible for the selection of the exhibits.

Innovative Solutions in the Areas of Health and Social Care Registration Form: