15A Health and Social Care Issue – Ageing Population


1. Ageing population and related problems in Hong Kong and other countries
Population Trend
  • Local – median age of the population rising
  • World – ageing population is more prominent in the developed countries than developing countries
Related problems
  • Increase in elderly dependency ratio
  • Impact and implications on the health / social care system
    • Increase in health care expenditure
    • Increase in social security payments
Government Strategies
  • Increasing the working population
  • Increasing the fertility rate
2. Elderly
Active Ageing
  • The process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age
Policy Objectives
  • A sense of security – to meet the basic needs of the elderly
  • A sense of belonging – to assist the elderly to stay in their homes / community in which they have a sense of belonging
  • A feeling of health and worthiness – to unleash the potentials of the elderly and cultivate a sense of sef-worthiness
The Five Pillars of Old Age Protection recommended by the World Bank in 2005
  • The Zero Pillar: a non-contributory, publicly-managed and financed pension or social security scheme
  • The First Pillar: a publicly-managed, mandatory contribution system
  • The Second Pillar: a privately-managed, mandatory contribution system
  • The Third Pillar: voluntary personal savings
  • The Fourth Pillar: public servcies, informal support and personal assets
Latest Update: October 2019




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Assessing my learning

  • What are the trends and the impacts of an ageing population?
  • How does a society positively address the ageing population and its related issues?